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20 hours of a desert experience, 20 hours of an amazing empowering event

It begins sundown. We’ll meet at Hanokdim village which is located in the valley between Arad and Masada, an desert oasis with palms, camels and Bedouin tents. We’ll enjoy a desert dinner (extra charge), listen to a lecture on a trail running, together with tea and coffee just like in the desert, we’ll gather around the campfire and sing together (prepare your vocal cords), and finally go to sleep on a mattress in a Bedouin encampment.

The race includes 2 heats: a 17K Single and an 11km route (named after Omer Rabinovich, a son of the city Arad who fell during Operation Cast Lead)

We will run in the light of sunrise. No electric poles, no passing cars, just desert silence, a connection to nature, to ourselves and our personal challenge. On the other hand, running at sunrise brings people closer together and it seems that the competition is gone and everyone has one goal – to enjoy as much as possible on the way to dancing in Masada. The route to the finish line fills everyone with supreme energy.

When the sun casts its first rays on the mountains of Moab, the runners will cross the finish line at the foot of Masada, and receive a glass of champagne. It’s time to savor an amazing and breathtaking view of the most beautiful sunrise in Israel, to feel the connection between music and nature at a dance party that will end this intoxicating race.

Year 5
Runners 1500
Record women 1:26:00
Record men 1:13:31