Timna Desert

When we talk about an absolute experience - we mean this one!

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For the first time in Israel – Timna Desert – a concept run which is way more than just running. A spectacular event with some of the most beautiful trails in the world!

Within a day, a running village will be constructed in Timna Park to welcome runners for 20 hours of experiences that begins long before the starting line and ends long after the finish.

We will arrive at Timna Park and together construct a unique running village, where we will get organized, eat dinner (extra charge), listen to a lecture and briefing, enjoy a party and then get some rest before the morning run.


The magic begins on Thursday  with the sunset in Timna Park, a beautiful and unique desert area, surrounded by red mountains and spectacular vistas.

We will enjoy a desert dinner (extra charge), listen to an inspirational lecture about running, gather around the tribal fire, dance and sing until our feet are tired. We will then retire to our personal tents in the special runners’ village.

In the morning, prepare for a special musical awakening for an exciting start. The various trails all run through the silent desert scenery, connecting you to nature and to your personal challenge.

As you reach the finish line you’ll be greeted by an amazing party that will expend all your excess adrenaline. It’s time to savor the breathtaking views, indulge in the music and enjoy the finale of this exciting event.


There are five different routes in the event: 34KM / 23 km / 14 km / 6km, and a 14 km walk.

** The event can also be attended on the morning of the run only.

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Runners 600