Eilat Desert Marathon: Terms

Eilat Desert Marathon
Eilat Desert Marathon

“International Eilat Desert Marathon” Event regulations
1. Participation in the races is only permitted for runners who have been training regularly, are under medical supervision, are healthy and are fit to run. Runners who do not meet these conditions may not participate in the race. Any deviation from these guidelines is the sole and full responsibility of the participant.
2. The race is open to participants aged 18 years and older. The 10km route is open to participants aged 14 years and older. The 5km route is open to participants aged 13 years and older.
3. The date determining the age of the registrant is the date of the race itself.
4. Registration for the event is individual and cannot be transferred to another person.
5. Runners should familiarize themselves with the route, character and regulations of the event.
6. A participant’s declaration of participation constitutes agreement to the registration regulations, monetary obligations and event regulations.
7. Runners hereby declare that all race organizers and those responsible are released from any liability regarding property or equipment that they bring with them to the race. Runners waive any claim, complaint and/or request against the organizers of the race, or any other party related to the race, for any damage/loss of equipment/property in their possession.
8. The organizers and officials are entitled to disqualify runners who behave in a non-sportsmanlike way or in any way contrary to the race guidelines, or who endanger themselves or other athletes. Disqualified runners will not be refunded their fee.
9. Runners cannot be accompanied by any runners, bikers or vehicles driving alongside them (excluding organizers’ vehicles). A runner who is being pulled along by another runner, biker or driver will be disqualified.
10. The “event area” refers to the road/path that is marked for running. Running in areas not designated as part of the event area is at the runner’s own risk and is not the responsibility of the organizers.
11. In the event that tracking of the runners will be carried out by electronic mats and inspection points, participants will be required to step on these mats. Participants who are not registered by the system may face disqualification.
12. Runners agree that the marathon staff, parties sponsoring the marathon and the Binyamin Regional Council are allowed to use photographs in which they appear during, before and after the race, for advertising and PR purposes. They are also allowed to broadcast the marathon partially or entirely in any form of media that exists currently or in the future (television, internet, cellular phone and/or any other media), free of charge.
13. Runners who do not wear numbers on their chest will not be allowed into the starting-line area or finish-line area, and will be removed from the route for security, safety and insurance reasons.
14. The finish like will be locked after the maximum cut-off time, as advertised on the website. Runners who run at a slower pace will be asked to stop running, notify officials that they have stopped and, if necessary, evacuate the route to the finish line. Please note that the water and first aid staff will stop operating and the race organizers will no longer be responsible for the safety of runners who continue to run on their own.
15. The organizers are entitled to update the information on this website and it is the participants’ responsibility to follow up on any changes.
16. Appeals: Runners are entitled to submit a written appeal regarding the race outcomes to the event staff up until 45 minutes from the time the incident in question occurred.
17. Cancellation of the event and/or changes made to the event plans and/or any other change contrary to what was advertised as a result of force majeure will not constitute a breach of contract on the part of the organizers. The participant will not be eligible for compensation and/or refunds. The organizers will facilitate an alternate event, if possible, at a later date, if possible, provided that there are no obstacles, according to the sole discretion of the organizers.
18. In these regulations, “force majeure” refers to any factor beyond the organizers’ control, including weather conditions that are not appropriate for the event; cancellation/postponement of the event due to war, strike or closure; any other external limitation imposed on the organizers or by the authorities; a state of emergency or terrorist attack, missile attacks, natural disasters, special government operations, etc, which would prevent or interfere with holding the event. In this regard, “prevent or interfere” includes the aftermath of national tragedy and/or negative public atmosphere for which such an activity would be inappropriate.

*In order to secure a place on the podium, at least 5 participants must register in each category.
In the event that less than 5 participants register for a category, the categories that are short will be merged with the category below it.
**Participants under the age of 18 on the date of the marathon, must present parental permission.
Parental permission must include presentation of the parents’ ID card and the addendum (“sefach”).
*** For who has registered on web site of “The Bible Marathon” www.desertrun.co.il only, there is a Cancellation and Changes Policy
Medical confirmation
Medical Authorization
In accordance with court ruling 12.2015, there is no need to provide medical authorization aside from participants signing a declaration of health as part of the registration process.
In order to complete your registration and participate in the race, you must carefully read , print, sign and present to organizer the declaration of health provided here. Please note that you are fully responsible for your own medical condition and for any possible consequences of the race in the event that your health cannot tolerate the strain of running the race. If needed, please consult with a certified medical professional concerning medical conditions that may put your health at risk during the course of the race.
Health declaration form for registrants to Marathon Israel events
*The following is written in the masculine form but applies equally to the feminine as well.
ID number_________________________________________________
Name of the race “INTERNATIONAL EILAT DESERT MARATHON” (2020) Signature ____________________
Part 1: Medical questionnaire
Please read the following questions thoroughly and answer each of them honestly by marking the correct answer.
1. Has your doctor told you that you suffer from cardiovascular disease? Yes/No
2. Do you ever feel chest pain? (Select one of the possible answers below)
2.1 When at rest? Yes/No
2.2 In your daily activity? Yes/No
2.3 When you engage in physical exercise/activity? Yes/No
3. Over the last year, have you ever: (Mark your answer in one of the possible answers below)
3.1 Lost your balance due to dizziness? (mark No – if the dizziness was a result of hyperventilation during intense physical activity). Yes/No
3.2 Lost consciousness? Yes/No
4. Has a doctor diagnosed you with asthma and therefore, over the last three months: (Select one of the possible answers below)
4.1 You needed medication? Yes/No
4.2 You were short of breath or wheezing? Yes/No
5. Has one of your immediate family members died recently? (Select one of the possible answers below)
5.1 From cardiovascular disease? Yes/No
5.2 A sudden death at an early age? (Before age 55 for men; before age 65 for women) Yes/No
6. Over the last five years, has your doctor told you to engage in physical activity under medical supervision? Yes/No
7. Do you suffer from any chronic illness not mentioned above, which could prevent you from or limit you when engaging in physical activity? Yes/No
8. For pregnant women: Has this or any previous pregnancy been defined as being at risk? Yes/No
Part 2: Instructions.
If you marked YES in any of the question in Part 1 of this form – then in order to register for the event you must provide Marathon Israel with a medical certificate, according to which a physician confirms that participation in a sporting event does not involve any risk to your health. Israel Marathon will allow participation in the event only with medical certificates issued no more than three months previously. The certificates should be submitted at the distribution of the running kit, as a condition for participating in the event.
In any case of change in your medical condition, consult your physician with regard to participation in the event.
Part 3: Declaration:
I hereby declare that all of the details I have given are correct, and that I am fit to participate in the event.
• I the undersigned hereby declare that I am aware of the fact that I will be participating in a sporting event that involves considerable physical effort.
• I hereby declare that I am in good health and fit for activity and that I have trained properly in preparation for it.
• I understand that my participation, if I am not properly prepared for it physically, could put my health at risk.
• I am aware of the fact that the organizing committee of the event, the organizing body, the actual organizer and providers of sponsorship, shall not bear any responsibility for any harm caused to me, including physical injury caused to me prior to the event, during it and after it, nor for the loss of any equipment or belongings.
• If you have suffered or suspect that you have suffered from any illness during the week before the activity including fever, digestive disorders or coughing, consult your physician before participating in the activity and receive his approval for making the effort.
I declare that I have read and understood the entire medical questionnaire and declaration included in the registration form and have filled it out on my own. I declare that I have provided full, correct details of my past and present medical condition, according to the questions I was asked in the stated questionnaire. I authorize the production staff to use my pictures for promotional and public relations purposes, without remuneration.
ID number_________________________________________________
Name of the race “INTERNATIONAL EILAT DESERT MARATHON” (2020) Signature ____________________